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C'est moi

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mon journal à propos de moi je t'aime

Assalamualaikum and hi readers. Welcome to FaraAbbas official blog. Please behave here and if you don't mine, follow me? I'll follow you back for sure! peminat tegar adi putra

Je t'aime adi putra

les fans hardcore adi putra

dia handsome , senyuman dia mencairkan , wajah dia , alahai . yang penting dia tersangat kacak !

Je vais à Paris

tempat impian

one day aku akan menjejakkan kaki di kota Paris ini! in shaa ALLAH

Thank You

I really aprreciate it

because i miss you (':

always the exact same sky and always the same day , only things that is different is that u're not here . i thought i have let you go without anything left . no , no i still have not been able to let you go . i am loging for u coz i am loging for you . i call u and call u by myself everyday . missing u , i missing u . now i just call out ur name like a habit even today . day by day i feel like i am dying ,so what could i do ? love u , i love u without even being able to tell u these i've had to let u go like that . sorry, i am sorry , can u hear me ? could u be able to hear my late confession ? iloveyou . sorry if i miss u untill now (': 

* for u capital A