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Assalamualaikum and hi readers. Welcome to FaraAbbas official blog. Please behave here and if you don't mine, follow me? I'll follow you back for sure! peminat tegar adi putra

Je t'aime adi putra

les fans hardcore adi putra

dia handsome , senyuman dia mencairkan , wajah dia , alahai . yang penting dia tersangat kacak !

Je vais à Paris

tempat impian

one day aku akan menjejakkan kaki di kota Paris ini! in shaa ALLAH

Thank You

I really aprreciate it

the sun rise above the hillcrest
as does the joy of my heart
rays of warmth and love
from her i'll never depart
fresh dew upon the grass
young birds chirp in their nest
I watch her gently sleep
my love to her I silently profess
I enjoy the stillness and calm , watching as
she smiles and dream
she brings me to stillness and peace
like that of a slow flowing stream
my heart and soul flow with love
and I smile as I quietly reflect
I've been hand a sweet princess
a sweet princess love and to protect her
a vow to myself i make
as she quietly sleep away
to love and always cherish her
untill my last day and breath

: capital AF thank you for this poem . :)